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The Mission

Qualia Retirement Planning is here to provide you with an introspective retirement planning experience. I offer financial planning and investment management services, but I also go above and beyond to ensure my clients can thrive through the week-in and week-out of post-career life. I’m here for you every step of the way. Book your introductory call today to learn more about how I help people like you achieve a fulfilling and successful retirement experience.  


Qualia Retirement Planning is about taking a purposeful and introspective approach to the financial planning process. Whether you have a specific vision for this next chapter or you're still undecided, I’m here to explore that with you. With Qualia, you can rest assured that your financial planning and investment management will be handled with the utmost care, expertise, and personal touch. 


Qualia serves pre-retirees and retirees by delivering a refreshing new look at retirement.  You value working with specialists, rather than generalists.  First and foremost, you want to know you're being listened to and understood.  You want a financial planning approach that reflects your values and lifestyle.


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